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It fills my heart with so much joy to know there are people out there like yourself who have a talent for humour and a flair for creativity.

I could play your games for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy at the fact that they are very minimalist, you just prove that a game does not need to be FULL HD, trophies and all this nonsense.

I have never played a game even slightly similar to yours and it made me feel like I haven't felt for a very long time.

I suffered with depression as a child - I still deal with anxiety now - and I 'know' that if a game like this had existed when I was attending the hardest part of any persons life - school - I would have been a much happier child and would have been a lot more successful than I am.

Thank you so much for - what is at first glance - a forgettable game with no substance which progresses to completely exceed any and all expectations to become a very intuitive and interesting experience which will joyfully be replayed for some to come.

Take care Jill and thank you.

Oh friend! I'm so so so soooo glad that this helped you! This comment is so special to me!

Ohhhh, i really love it !

I really enjoyed it and i think it would be a good text adventure.


Was cute, with the initial baffling, frustrating, amusing extended waiting - had to have a 2nd play through to properly do as I was told - liked the take-home message of it :) I'm with Baal, that the Tips whet my appetite for the "real game"

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That was very cute and I did tell a secret. But I want to play that game now, and I mean, the one supposedly behind the loading screen, the pitch is so good, and what the tips let us take a peek at, it feels like a noir FFVII in a musical dystopia with a shadowrun-y twist, I'd play the hell out of this.


I might make a text adventure set in this world :)

Hi my name is Freb and I think Made by a chump